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Thema: Herpesviren gegen GBM

Herpesviren gegen GBM
24.10.2000 11:05:28
Wer hat von dem Versuch gehört, oder hat eine Adresse von den schottischen
Ärzten die spezielle Herpesviren direkt in den Tumor spritzen?
Wird das auch noch woanders gemacht?

Vielen Dank im Voraus . Rüdiger
Joanna in Hannover
29.10.2000 22:17:21
Schottische Ärztin heisst Prof. Moira Brown, (Neuroscientist)
Southern General Hospital in Glasgow.

Bericht heute in The Sunday Times

siehe http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2000/10/29/stinwenws01002.html

Alles Gute!
Joanna in Hannover
Rico Braun
30.10.2000 16:03:06
Lieber Rüdiger,
in der amerikanischen Hirntumor-Liste wurde folgender Artikel veröffentlicht:

British scientists have stopped the growth of incurable cancers by
injecting a virus directly into brain tumours. The treatment, still in its
trial stages, has added years to the lives of at least three patients who
had been given just months to live.

Professor Moira Brown, a neuroscientist at Southern General Hospital,
Glasgow, discovered that a modified form of the herpes simplex virus can
destroy tumour cells but leave normal tissue unharmed. After 10 years of lab
tests, her team injected the virus into the tumours of 18 volunteers
suffering from brain cancer.

Robert Swan, 25, from Glasgow was the team´s first volunteer. In 1996 he was
diagnosed with an untreatable glioma and was given 4 months to live. He had
suffered headaches and short-term memory loss, begun to lose his speech and
was paralysed down his right side. 4 years later his condition has
improved.´I have been better than ever since I had the treatment,´ he said.

2 other patients diagnosed with incurable brain cancer are also still alive.
Tests on 5 patients with severe melanoma are promising.........

Extra funding is being sought for a third round of trials and it is hoped
that the vaccine will become available throughout the world within 5 years.´

This is seems such a source of hope - we are thinking of emailing Prof Brown
ourselves. Any input/thoughts/email addresses from anyone over on the USA?

Bj m/o Michael, 14, gbm
dx/sx 1/00, 33x radiation Feb 00, started 4th and final PCV Aug 00
MRI October 5th shows large new tumour on opposite side from original tumour
No longer able to read
Starting to struggle..........

Quelle: Sunday Times over here in the UK:

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000
From: G & B Norton <norton.greystones@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: MEDICAL: Herpes Vaccine trial reports success
Rico Braun