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Thema: Isotretinoin erfolgreich gegen GBM

Isotretinoin erfolgreich gegen GBM
Rico Braun
23.10.2000 07:53:59
Nachfolgend einen Hinweis für alle GBM und Astrozytom-Patieneten. 13-CIS-RetinoicAcid = Isotretinoin = Roaccutan. Hat jemand von Euch positive Erfahrungen mit Roaccutan gemacht?

13-cis-Retinoic Acid as a Potential Treatment in Glioma Patients Who Show Stable Disease After Combined Modality Treatment - ASCO 2000

Patients with malignant glioma commonly present with rapid tumor progression or tumor recurrence despite combined treatment with surgery, radio- and chemotherapy. Those few patients who show stable disease after combined treatment, thereafter usually do not receive any further treatment until evidence of tumor recurrence. In a recent clinical trial we used 13-cis-retinoic acid (RA) for patients with no evidence of tumor in MRI-imaging based on the hypothesis that tumor progression may be delayed by retinoic acid effects. As of yet, 5 patients, 2 patients with glioblastomas (GBM), 2 patients with anaplastic astrocytomas (AA), 1 patient with anaplastic oligodendroglioma (AO) have been treated at a dose of 60mg/m2/day 13-cis-RA given for three weeks every month until evidence of tumor progression. This treatment has been well tolerated with erythema, mild cheilosis and myopathy as observed side effects so far. One patient (AA) is still stable after 10 months whereas one GBM-patient showed progressive tumor growth after 5 months of therapy. Another GBM-patient is stable in cycle 3. Two other patients are not evaluable yet because of their short treatment period. In vitro studies have shown that 13-cis-RA has positive impact upon glioma cell differentiation, intercellular matrix formation and immunmodulatory functions. Moreover, in a recent phase II clinical trial of patients with progressive malignant glioma, high-dose retinoic acid stabilized tumor growth. Therefore a multicenter trial should be initiated to proof efficacy in this setting with progression free survival as the primary endpoint.
Rico Braun


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