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Thema: Presse: Studie für Kinder mit Hirntumor

Presse: Studie für Kinder mit Hirntumor
07.08.2001 20:16:48
SOURCE: Photoelectron Corporation

INTRABEAM(TM) Trial at Children´s Memorial Hospital, Chicago May Offer New Hope to Children With Brain Tumors

Aug. 2, 2001

Photoelectron Corporation a technology company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing micro adaptive x-ray systems for multiple market applications, announced today that the Falk Brain Tumor Center at Children´s Memorial Hospital, Chicago has begun a program of treatments which the hospital believes may offer new hope to children with brain tumors.

In March 2001, the Internal Review Board at Children´s Memorial approved the use of PeC´s INTRABEAM system in the treatment of children with malignant brain tumors and the hospital recently treated its first two pediatric patients. An information sheet prepared by the hospital to promote the treatment system to the local community, claims that the INTRABEAM System may offer new hope to children with tumors once thought untreatable.

The hospital´s research protocol will evaluate the INTRABEAM´s safety and efficacy for delivering intra-operative radiation treatments (IORT) to children, especially for patients who have recurrent malignant brain tumors or specific tumors known as glioblastoma multiforme. Director of the Falk Brain Tumor Center at Children´s Memorial Hospital, Dr. Tadanori Tomita commented, "Looking ahead, the INTRABEAM System may be a significant advancement in the treatment of these deadly conditions for adults and children alike, potentially decreasing many of the unwanted side effects associated with current radiation therapies."

In discussing the potential advantages of INTRABEAM, the hospital information sheet states that in the past, long term consequences of standard external beam radiation put effective treatment out of reach for children diagnosed with brain tumors. In the Children´s Memorial Hospital´s new treatment protocol, the tumor is first resected and then the tumor bed is irradiated directly using IORT with the INTRABEAM System´s miniature x-ray source. It is this direct irradiation approach that spares the sensitive tissue surrounding the tumor from potential radiation damage.

About Children´s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

Ranked among the top pediatric centers in the world, the Falk Brain Tumor Center at the Children´s Memorial Hospital, Chicago offers children access to experts in pediatric neurosurgery, oncology, neurology, radiation oncology and social services. Established in 1986, the center also provides physical therapy, audiology and other pediatric subspecialties.

About Photoelectron

Established in 1989 and based in Lexington, Massachusetts, PeC has focused its development efforts on creating miniature x-ray systems for a variety of applications. The initial focus of the Company involved extensive research and development to miniaturize an x-ray system for cancer treatment. The expertise and technology developed during this process has enabled the Company to develop x-ray systems for multiple medical and industrial market applications (www.photoelectron.com).

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Contact: Timothy W. Baker, Chief Financial Officer
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